Net Toolkit ®

Net Toolkit ® caters specifically to network engineers that need specialized tools during day to day engagements, and should be in every engineers arsenal.

Access List Builder for Cisco IOS ® / Cisco IOS-XE ® :

Access List builder allows you to visually build access-lists for Cisco IOS ® and Cisco IOS-XE ®.  Build validated Cisco ® standard and extended access-lists quickly and with ease.

Subnet Calculator:

The Subnet calculator has been designed to offer many user-friendly features, such as:

Tiny Mode - can sit on top of your desktop for those fast subnet calculations.
Binary / Hex View - provides a clear view of the IPv4 subnet, hosts, and broadcast address converted into Hexadecimal and Binary.

My Geolocation Info:

How many times have you been onsite and wondered what your public IP address is, which provider you are using, and what the autonomous system number is?

My Geolocation provides you this information along with the latitude / longitude coordinates.

Search Geolocation by Hostname / IP:

Easily search any IPv4 address for provider and geolocation information.  Find the hostname, physical location, latitude / longitude, and provide autonomous system number.

Whois Lookup Tool:

Need to find a domain's public IP range, assigned CIDR blocks, or autonomous system number?  Have one-click easy access to any subnet's Whois information quickly and with a stylistic view.

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