Configuring the Arista 7050QX-32S

28 November 2016

The Arista 7050QX-32S is a fantastic 1RU switch that provides a whopping thirty-two (32) ports of 40gbps (QSFP+) plus four (4) additional SFP+ ports. Under the hood the 7050QX-32S switch is built using the Broadcom Trident II chipset which provides wire-speed forwarding with buffering Latency from 550ns. (Note: Arista also makes the 7050QX-32 which is 32-40gbps ports only without the SFP+ ports). This powerful switch also has a very low energy footprint with 460w 1+1 redundant power supplies AC (DC power also an option) and four (4) N+1 redundant fans.

The 7050QX-32S is a very good fit in your Leaf blocks, small spines, DCI block, and/or service leaf block. Importantly the “S” on end of the Arista “7050QX-32S” means that this switch comes with four (4) SFP+ ports in addition to the 32-40gbps .. (which is the main reason for this article)

Click here to view the Arista 7050QX32S / 7050QX-32 data sheet

The first four (4) ports 1-4 are the SFP+ ports that definitely come in handy when you have to terminate any SFP+ optics. I like to think of these ports as convenient little “bail-me-out options” especially when these switches live in a leaf, service, and/or DCI block.

How to Configure the SFP+ Ports on the Arista 7050QX-32S:

Out of the box this switch is preset to use QSFP+ ports 5-36 meaning SFP+ ports 1-4 are disabled. You will also notice that QSFP+ Port 5 or 5/1, 5/2, 5/3, and 5/4 that are represented in 4 x 10G lanes are active.

Note: This means that if you choose to use any of the SFP+ ports 1-4 you are not able to use QSFP+ port 5 (5/1-4) at all. In terms of being in a bind and having to use these SFP+ ports makes this trade off worth it to me, however ensure that your design process takes this into consideration.

The “show hardware port-group” will show if either Eth Ports 1-4 OR QSFP+ Port 5 is enabled.

show hardware port-group

If you wish to use Eth ports 1-4 then please follow these steps:

Step 1. Enable Eth 1-4 SFP+ Ports:

AristaNavigatorSW(config)# hardware port-group 1 select Et1-4

Step 2. Answer “Yes or No” to the dialog question about selecting yes will cause all of the switches ports to flap

** ALERT: When you select Yes ALL (yes all) of your ports will transition down and then up so not something you want to do without a change management window


 Verify that SFP+ Eth Ports 1-4 are active and available for configuration:

Issue the following show command to view the changes that we have just made:

AristaNavigatorSW# show hardware port-group

Notice that Ethernet 1-4 are now active and port 5/1-4 are now error disabled. You now will be able to configure and bring up Eth 1-4.


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