Call Record Analyzer


A powerful web based, easy to use, modern cloud call detail reporting analytics platform

Setup takes only minutes



Intuitive analysis

Provides deep Insight into your UC environment you haven't had before

Easy to use

Quickly understand important calling patterns in your UC environment


Enables you to easily run customizable reports for all department types


Troubleshoot voice and video QOS issues on a per call basis


CRA easily gives you access to your important user's call information. 

  • How much talk utilization are we experiencing?

  • Who placed or received a certain call? 

  • Why was a call disconnected? ​​

  • What are the network performance statistics? 

  • Did a Video / Voice call experience quality issues?

  • How many calls per day does a department receive, and when is their busiest time? 

  • How are our Conference resources utilized?

  • How can we tell if our PSTN devices are utilized?


  • How many devices or numbers are involved in a multi-leg call?

CRA Report Graph


Dashboard Visualization

Dashboard graphical views:

  • Top callers

  • Top talkers

  • Top numbers dialed

  • Network performance

  • Device utilization

  • Dashboard views by department

CRA Call Report Image

Visual Data Reporting

  • Customizable column title definitions

  • Customizable data formatting

  • Easily drill down into call record information

  • Visualization of call flows

  • Device usage reports

  • Ability to recognize internal vs. external calls

  • Add custom caller-id labels

Call Alert Notifications

  • Alert notifications for 911 and other configurable dial patterns

  • Set alerts on any calling or called directory numbers

  • Toll fraud alerts to mitigate international toll fraud

  • Threshold alerting for network statistics such as:

    • Jitter

    • Latency

    • Packet loss

    • Video packet loss

    • Video average jitter

CRA Alert Threshold Image

Security Access Control

image (5).png
  • Strong password enforcement

  • Mandatory 90-day password change

  • Role based access

  • Granular access control to data


  • Department based access



Cloud service delivery (no onsite software)

Easy Setup and use within minutes

Secure import of Cisco® UCM CDR/CMR records

Secure TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA, AES encryption

Supports Cisco® UCM 5.x to 12.x



CRA Cloud





Up to 2500 IP endpoints

Single Cisco® UCM Cluster

50GB Storage - US Datacenter

50m CDR record retention

Chat / Email support

Up to 3 administrative users





Up to 4000 IP endpoints

Single Cisco® UCM Cluster

200GB Storage - US Datacenter

200m CDR records retention

Chat / Email / Phone support

Up to 6 administrative users





Unlimited IP endpoints

Unlimited Cisco® UCM Clusters

400GB Storage - US Data Center

400m CDR records retention

Chat / Email / Phone support

Unlimited administrative users