LLDP (802.1AB) for OS X (Linux)

28 November 2016

In my pursuit of writing LLDP based features into my NetToolkit software I came across the “OpenLLDP” open source project. OpenLLDP provides the ability to use LLDP not only in the basic mandatory TLV’s, but a nice array of organizational specific vendor TLV’s. This is neat for lap or field troubleshooting from what I have used it for thus far.

The following is a list of supported TLV’s and OUI specific TLV’s:

  • LLDP (802.1AB) Basic Management TLV set
  • Data Center Bridging Exchange Protocol (DCBX)
  • LLDP-MED (media endpoint discovery)
  • 802.3 LAN interface extensions
  • 802.1 VLAN extensions
  • 802.1AB Organizational Specific TLVs
  • Cisco specific TLVs (OUI 0x000142)
  • draft0 support for Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) – IEEE 802.1Qbg standard is under development
    • Edge Control Protocol (ECP)
    • Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP)

How do I download and install Open-LLDP for OS X?

1. Download the latest version of Open-LLDP

2. From your shell type the following:

cd ~/Downloads/openlldp-0.4alpa



make install

3. Once compiled you will have two executables:

1. /usr/local/sbin/lldpd  —> Daemon that needs to run for LLDP services to operate

LLDP Frame Results from my Mac OS X running Open LLDP in Wireshark:



Great LLDP Specification/Information Link(s):

1. Wireshark

2. IEEE 802.1AB LLDP Specification

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