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40G IVI Optics in Cisco UCS Interconnects

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

The Cisco® UCS Fabric Interconnect family does not support generic 3rd party transceivers since they do not offer CLI access. This has left Cisco® UCS customers the one option of purchasing overly expensive Cisco® OEM branded optical transceivers. IVI Optics solves this problem and brings economical transceiver options to Cisco® UCS customers. IVI Optics encodes their transceivers with the appropriate EEPROM compatibility information to ensure Cisco® UCS Fabric Interconnect compatibility.

The Cisco® UCS Manager screen shot below shows an IVI Optics 40G QSFP40G-SR4-C-IV that is recognized as a QSFP-40G-SR4 compatible 40G QSFP transceiver in a Cisco® 6332-16up Fabric Interconnect.

All IVI Optics transceivers are backed by the IVI Optics® Premium 5 year warranty.

Link to IVI Optics® QSFP-40G-SR4 Cisco Compatible Transceivers

About IVI Optics:

IVI Optics is the data center product manufacturing line-of-business for Intelligent Visibility, Inc.

Intelligent Visibility’s mission is to programmatically simplify the consumption of advanced technologies in the network industry. Lead by entrepreneurial technology experts, IVI’s software development leadership are among some of the most experienced network / data center engineers. Understanding the details of problems that our customers face are paramount when creating software, data center architectures, and/or hardware solutions.

IVI Optics Advantage:

    – Seriously happy employees

    – Top quality 100/40/25/10/1G optical transceivers, AOC, DAC, and MTP solutions

    – Live chat / technical support from Senior Architect Engineers

    – Problem-Solving Cloud based solutions

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